Soah KIM

Soah Kim is a multidisciplinary Korean creator based in France, whose main medium is ceramic.


Petit Poucet Parisien 2020-21

Project in partnership with Lab-Ah, ENSAD Paris, and ENSAD Limoges. Lab-Ah is a cultural innovation laboratory through design at GHU Paris. 
Petit poucet parisien ; the use of bells was suggested as a marking, offering a unique pathway similar to the breadcrumbs of Petit Poucet. The Petit Poucet parisien was installed at UPAJA, Unité Passerelle pour Adolescents et Jeunes Adultes, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The installation immediately sparked enthusiasm among young patients who played with the bells, making the journey to the healthcare center more joyful.

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