Soah KIM

Soah Kim is a multidisciplinary Korean creator based in France, whose main medium is ceramic.


Jean-Michel 2020-21

Project in partnership with Lab-Ah, ENSAD Paris, and ENSAD Limoges. Lab-Ah is a cultural innovation laboratory through design at GHU Paris. 
In Paris, I observed a lot of stickers, posters, and photocopies everywhere on the streets. I thought that the shape of small paper characters could be a good means of signage or marking to guide the patient. I named it Jean-Michel.
I was able to install this project between two facilities that are 5 minutes' walk apart: the Stabilization Unit and the Medico-Social Center in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. These two projects allow patients to find their paths, their landmarks in a sensitive way that motivates them to come for treatment.

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