Soah KIM

Soah Kim is a multidisciplinary Korean creator based in France, whose main medium is ceramic.


Bulluk 2023

Soah Kim's work is inspired by the Korean ideophone 'Bulluk' (불룩), which describes objects that protrude, stick out, or have a prominent and swollen shape. She focuses on capturing the transient moments created by movement.

Through these explorations, Soah Kim seeks to convey subtle sensuality within modesty. The 'Bulluk_23-l' series represents a key part of the Bulluk project. The smoothly applied colors enhance the gentle sensations within the forms, creating a synesthetic pleasure that engages visual, gustatory, and instinctual senses.

This artwork evokes the sensation of a luscious peach, the graceful curves of buttocks, or even the tender touch of someone's skin, showcasing the artist's subtle sense of humor.

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